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Why dont you people just vote third ...

Why dont you people just vote third party?
If the apathetic voters voted for independant candidates or third parties we'd see a serious shake up of the current two party system.
Imagine if we got more independants, greens, UKIPs or Lib Dems into parliment!

Remember if we voted Lib Dem they'd put in proportional representation rather than the current, first past the post policy, this would mean that each vote would count, even if you lived in a constituancy where your party had no hope of winning.

Try thinking a bit before just deciding not to vote.

written 18th Apr 2005


adam replies: Testing for b0rkdness in IE....

written 18th Apr 2005

Jax replies: Seems that Mozilla Firefox doesn't work here.
I just tested that myself....

written 18th Apr 2005

Jax replies: No, hang on it does! Yayyy!

written 18th Apr 2005

Rob replies: I agree whole-heartedly, and will be voting for the Lib Dems just because I think that a shake up of our tired, stupidly confrontational two party system will help to take absolute power out of a small group of peoples hands. Anyone who has decided not to vote as a protest should realise that this protest would be felt more by the current government if they cast their vote with another party

written 18th Apr 2005

Jax replies: This is what I think, change doesn't happen instantly but it's progressive.
I think the first change we need is a three party system, then four and eventually, more independants and hopefully eventually a system without static parties (like we have at the moment).

The whole "Prime Minister" thing was supposedly just a piss-take to start with anyway, wasn't it ("ooh your the "PRIME" minister" - as they're all supposedly peers)?
We used to function witout parties back in the 1700's.

written 18th Apr 2005

qwerty replies: I like the idea of an entire Parliament full of Independents. Who on earth would they have as Prime Minister, Home Secretary, etc? How would they decide? It would require a degree of cooperation that is very rarely seen in the House at the moment...!

written 20th Apr 2005

Jax replies: Imagine if the cabinet was voted on by the whole house with no whip allowed.
Now that could lead to some interesting results.

I don't mind the position of the Prime Minister being available but I don't think that the Prime minister should have as much power as he has at the moment, his role should be ensuring the departments work well together, I don't think the Prime Minister should propose policy for example.

written 20th Apr 2005

Dr. Mabuse replies: Ah yes, Proportional Rep... it worked so well in the Weimar Republic.

written 25th Apr 2005

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