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Not Apathetic

Tell the world why you're not voting - don't let your silence go unheard


NotApathetic is a place where if you are not going to vote at the General Election, you can tell the world why.

We won't try to persuade you that voting is a good idea, and we won't promise that by writing something here that anyone is going to listen.

All we promise is that instead of having no voice at all, you can explain why you won't be participating come election day. All you have to tolerate is that fact that if you put a reason up, other members of the public are allowed to respond to it.

Any reason for not voting is an acceptable reason to submit to the site. Whether you don't have the time, or whether you're not allowed to vote, or if you don't like any of the parties, this site is for you.

Perhaps the main aim of this site is to let you respond to politicians and journalists who like to theorise about why you might be chosing to stay at home, often attributing motives to you which you might not agree with. By posting here, you can talk back, and make your case for not voting.

As far as we know, nobody at mySociety is actually against voting - as we say, we're not trying to encourage people to stay away from the ballot box. However, 30 years of increasingly desperate attempts to scold and morally intimidate the British Public into voting doesn't really seem to have been fantastically successful. It's time for even the most fervent democrats to bite their tongues, and for us all to listen up for a little while.

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