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I didn't vote because politics is driven...

I didn't vote because politics is driven too much by the media. If there is a group of people I can't stand more than politicians it's journalists. There is no such thing as debate in this country anymore, no such thing as the reasoned exchange of ideas. I am uninspired.

written 7th May 2005


suki replies: "It seems incontrovertible that the reality of sporting contests, stock markets, fashions and fads, elections, laws, economic understandings, traffic regulations, and the IRS is to an overwhelming extent socially constructed, and, of course, that the reality of plants, planets, and Plancks constant is not. Mathematics, as may be inferred, is a special case: numbers and theorems exist independently of us, not so their primitive origins, applications, and interpretations. Our relationship with man-made rules, as opposed to scientific laws and mathematical theorems, is somewhat similar to that of people addicted to placebos we want, believe, and require them to work, and so they do."

John Allen Paulos, Once Upon a Number (1998).

written 7th May 2005

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