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They're not voting because...

Congratulations to New Labour on winning...

Congratulations to New Labour on winning a third term and for the first time in history of achieving a third term for a PM and also achieving the Worst Majority in British Political History.
Congratulations to Mr Howard for fighting a great campaign, you're on you way to victory the next time.

Congratulations to the Lib Dems for enticing all those voters who have had enough of New Labour, but were not yet ready to accept the Tories, you're on your way.

Congratulations to George Galloway on his win, he should really be a thorn in Labour's side now.

Congratulations to Roy Kees, who bravely and rightly wiped the smile of Mr Blair's face over Iraq with his speech on the day, shame on those who did not support him and have no respect for British soldiers who put their lives on the line for them sitting comfortably at home.

Congratulations on the Independent party who wiped the board in Wales with a people vote.

Congratulations to the Tories for making the map of Great Britain Blue.

Shame on all those who could see no shame in New Labour's last two terms of office and Iraq.

Shame on all those who stayed at home and insulted the memories of millions of men and women who fought and died in two world wars, so that they could have the vote and freedom and democracy in two world wars and gave their todays for our tomorrows, just how shameful can they get.

A word of advice to all Labour, unless you change your outlook and start doing the job properly and without lies and spin, you will be kicked to kingdom come the next time round.

Now let's see what the County Elections say.

written 6th May 2005


Max replies: You say "Shame on all those who stayed at home and insulted the memories of millions of men and women who fought and died in two world wars, so that they could have the vote and freedom and democracy." But don't forget that many of those who died in those two wars were too young to vote; they were defending something they weren't entitled to.

written 7th May 2005

MAdMaN replies: We also have the right not to vote. Just because we choose not to vote, it doesn't mean we aren't grateful to those who fought for our freedom (my grandfather being one of them).

written 7th May 2005

dcd replies: On your "special" criteria, it would seem that I can be VERY shameful indeed. And I don't mind letting you know that I am proud of that, and perfectly conscience-clear happy to utterly disagree with your perculiar view, if you don't mind my saying so.

Naturally I have antecedents who have willingly fought wars and causes they believed in.

I also have antecedents who were FORCED by CONSCRIPTION into fighting during both the World Wars -- not, I might emphasise, a battle for democracy -- wasn't Adolf Hitler the leader of the National SOCIALIST Party? Didn't he get democratically elected (with one of the largest ever recorded majorities in the history of democracy)?

Are you suggesting for one minute that these young men THOUGHT they were fighting for DEMOCRACY? or for OUR democratic system? If you, you are pitifully mistaken.

The World Wars were about many things, but definitely NOT about democracy. For just one simple example, the USA wanted to rid the earth of Imperialism -- which is why the thousand-year-old Ottoman Empire, the Japanese Empire, the Austro-Hungarian Empire and the once-vast-and-mighty British Empire are no more.

Note that (in your terms) the British form of democracy (Imperial, monarchical, church-and-state, etc) was under attack from the US American federal republican version -- even though they 'appeared' to be on the same side against the German and Austrian forms of democracy!


Well, so be it. Take a course or something! In the meantime itmay help to simply think about all this from another angle:

Let's imagine that people did willingly sign up without conscription to fight and die in global wars to save democracy -- you then have to ask: did it work? Do we have democracy? Really? Do you honestly think that what-we-have now is something that they would have prized so highly that they would have willingly died for it?

Get real!

written 7th May 2005

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