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They're not voting because...

It is un-democratic. Sure, you get to...

It is un-democratic. Sure, you get to vote but who for? You get to vote for one of those people they put infront of you. You can't vote for no government. They are all fundamentally fascist and I cannot distinguish between any of them. So what do I do? I can't register my appeal against it. So I become another face in the crowd of non-voters. And they say people who don't vote are uninterested in politics. rubbish. but what are our choices. really?

written 6th May 2005


Paul Evans replies: You accuse the political parties of being 'all fundamentally fascist'. If this were a fascist country, you would not be making statements like yours with impunity.

You refuse all of the political choices offered to you and then to refuse to offer an alternative yourself.If you think you can do better than the political parties, then stand for election yourself.

Or are you frightened that no-one will vote for you? Are you actually anti-democratic? Or 'fundamentally fascist'?

written 6th May 2005

Tiger43 replies: To poster.....Yeah, show us your true colours, if you dare.

Personally, I`m going to live on the moon, start my own party and eat cheese all day.

written 6th May 2005

Darren replies: If you cant agree with the people in front of you, stand for election yourself. Its called democracy.

written 6th May 2005

Jeni replies: erm... ahem...

I cite the example of America, a "democracy" in which to stand for election you must fund your own campaign with private money.

This obviously means those without the appropriate amount of money (and we're talking BIG money here) cannot run for election.

They might be the smartest, most politically aware, philosophically minded, appropriate candidate material there could be, but without the money to do it with... theres no chance.

I know we're talking Britain here, but I'd like to point out the fact that a 'democracy' does not necessarily constitute a democracy. Also to point out there are other reasons why someone cannot run for election than 'they're too chicken'.

I also point out the fact that aside from the main party leaders there are many ignored parties which DO provide an alternative, but due to various factors including peer pressure, biased media groups, and prejudices, the 'fascist' (and I beleive this term was being used in a hyperbole form) groups are bound to win.

Incidentally, I won't be voting because the minimum voting age is 18. I, being 16, can therefore not vote.

written 6th May 2005

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