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i hate the goverment

i hate the goverment

written 7th May 2005


james replies: "Universal suffrage is a ruse of bourgeois power for substituting legality for the legitimacy of popular movements and direct democracy."

Jean-Paul Sartre, in On a raison de se révolter (1972) [Gallimard, 1974] by Philippe Gavi, Jean-Paul Sartre, & Pierre Victor. []

written 7th May 2005

Matt replies: Sartre doesn't seem to define "legality". If it is not what the majority want to be "legal" then there must be some minority deciding the rules for the majority.
Sartre is suggesting that somehow, the legality as defined by a minority of some description is being substituted for what the majority want.
Although Sartre is correct in what he says, I disagree with the view that this is a negative thing.

Oh, and a quote from the Marxist website. We all know how succesful Marxism has proven to be.

written 8th May 2005

james replies: I agree that Marxism has been pretty useless, Matt -- but the marxists website is a good resource. Sartre, an anarchist, thought that legitimacy should replace legality... see his essay "Elections: A Trap for Fools".

written 8th May 2005

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