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Lower The Voting Age

I'm not 18 early enough which I think is unfair since I am more aware of each political agenda than anyone else in my family.

written 5th May 2005


Jenna Stroud replies: You have a point as at 16 and 17 you can pay tax, but you are still considered a minor in the eyes of the law.

written 5th May 2005

Calpol replies: Absolutely. There's no reason 16 and 17 year olds shouldn't vote - there were plenty of people I knew at that age who were easily mature enough to vote sensibly, and it's immensely insulting to imply that they're not.

written 6th May 2005

Nurgle replies: Yes, people who are still under the influence of hormonal moodswings as a result of being ejecting from the anal passage of puberty should have a say in how the country is run. Great idea.

written 6th May 2005

Tiger43 replies: I think the voting age should be lowered to the glint in the milkmans eye

written 6th May 2005

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