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There is an urgent need for rapid, radical change to the way the human race is running it's affairs on planet earth and no candidate comes remotely close to aligning with my conscience or understanding on these matters.Democracy is not a fearful tick in a box once every 4 or 5 years for that which one considers the slightly lesser evil. That is an elected dictatorship. What's more an elected dictatorship that is pretends to control when most power has stealthily and deceitfully been handed to a completely unelected and unaccountable authority - the EU, which by Mussolini's own definition is a fascist state (see Vernon This is crucial to investigate as we are on the verge of losing the freedom to speak out about any of this.

True democracy is something else entirely, the participation of all who wish to be involved in decision making at the most local level possible, with individual representatives put forward by concensus (or agreed majority), to deal with issues that for reasons practical or otherwise require the agreement of a larger group. People are fearful of alternatives to the current system, mostly because of media scaremongering about violent anarchy and conclude 'better the devil we know' - I urge those people to take a closer look at that devil!

I have not begun to address the ridiculous obsession with growth economics which all main parties share. Even most 'Greens' - now over boiled - seem to believe in the oxymoron of 'sustainable growth'. Ted Trainer' s 'Towards a Sustainable Economy' and 'Conserver Society' clearly demonstrate the faults of this largely unquestioned tenet, and offer sane alternatives. (His work can be found at the University of New South Wales website for free).

Neither have I questioned the pathetic environmental policies put forward by all except perhaps a few individual 'Greens'. Where can I begin on that one? Perhaps by recommending Thom Hartman's 'The Last hours of Ancient Sunlight' for perspective on the precipice that we are heading for like lemmings! If we care about our children and grandchildren or indeed the future of human existence on this planet, the odd windmill and recycling a few bottles isn't going to do it. Neither is cracking down on litter as Labour suggest in their manifesto, just after their more important bid for the Olympics.

Oh there are so many more reasons not to vote for what you don't believe in. There's 'health' - let's give lots of money to the sickness industry, no more, more, more we all agree don't we. Nod your heads to the headlines now! Why not? Recommend reading 'The Medical Mafia' by Guylaine Lanctot MD for starters.

Sorry, I'm getting flippent now. I need to go and cook lunch and plant some more beans instead of going to vote! With Love to you, J.

ps The lies, by the way, I believe are far more 'wopping' than

written 5th May 2005

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