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I truly do not think I have any other option. I just do not understand the Tory philosophy, how do you honestly lead a country with the interests of a minority at heart? Labour have a historic claim to altruistic intent, but now seem only to value continued power. The Lib Dems seemingly have some conviction about them, but with no chance of being elected to Government they can say pretty much whatever they want - there will be no consequences. The biggest threat now to British politics is the fact that few people believe anything told to them by politicians, despite the increasing frequency of all parties saying exactly the same thing!

written 5th May 2005


Boojam replies: Tory philosophy is often misrepresented. It is basically about freedom and about expecting people to take responsibility for themselves both economically and morally. This is actually quite a reasonable and sound philosophy in theory, but like most ideals doesn't work out in practice. As inevitably some people don't know how to take responsibility for themselves, either economically or morally, Tory policies do often end up looking like they serve the interests of a minority.

You should beware of altruism which appeals to your heart but doesn't actually solve any problems. "The road to hell is paved with good intentions" is one of our wisest and truest cliches. The state shoul help individuals to make the right choices, not formulate a moral code for them.

written 5th May 2005

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