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They're not voting because...

a) None of the candidates have bothered...

a) None of the candidates have bothered to call at my door and ask me what I think. Only one party worker has bothered to call and she was unable to fully discuss her party's policies (Lib Dem)

b) There is no socialist party. The new Labour party is to the right of the old Tory Reform Group.

c) All the politicians can do is attack each other and I don't believe that their so called policies have any grounding in reality. They may confer with civil servants in offices at Whitehall but they don't ask people at the coal face.

d) None of the parties are doing anything for the countryside and rural communities. I don't live anywhere near London and I don't live in a large town or city. Who's talking for us?

written 4th May 2005


Max replies: "b) There is no socialist party. The new Labour party is to the right of the old Tory Reform Group", you say, and then mention the Labour Party in the next breath. So what has the Labour Party got to do with socialism? It's never been a socialist party. It was formed two years after the Socialist Party of Great Britain, which was formed in 1904, and is standing a candidate in Vauxhall. See their Election Address at for a socialist manifesto.

written 4th May 2005

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