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I want to vote but like so many othersin...

I want to vote but like so many othersin the UK i live in a stronghold (Labour 12,000 majority in my case).

I am interested in politics but i feel like my vote has no value whatsoever. I have been thinking of not voting and contributing to the low overall turnout or of spoiling my ballot paper as a protest but "I WANT TO VOTE". I want to feel like i have made a difference and contributed to the fate of the nation ofr the next 4-5 years.

I have heard that the election is to be decided by 850,000 people living in the 80-100 marginals, how is that democracy? To have the next 4-5 years of my life decided by less than 1 million people who may or may not live within 30 miles of my home is appaling.

There needs to be a change to how we decide our fate but as always it seems the system can't be beaten.

I just hope that in my lifetime technology will allow a change in how the votes contribute to Parliament and making all constituencies to be "marginal". That should make the parties sit up and take notice.

written 4th May 2005


Paul replies: Well maybe if you and likeminded people exercise their right to vote, that Labour stronghold may be reduced.

I agree that our current voting system is flawed, but your vote is valuable. If everyone who could vote, did so then maybe our nation could enjoy a change.

written 4th May 2005

FSOBR replies: Who would you vote for if the majority was less?

My constituency is Brenford - Labour majority of about 10,000 (Ann Keen) but I have voted already (not Labour) - each election the turnout is bad and the papers and politicians talk about the electorate being out of touch, marginalised etc. but fuck all seems to have been done about it.

How can this be changed?
Protests? Petitions?

written 4th May 2005

Bod replies: Paul, below are the 2001 results for my constituency. This is a massive lead to be overturned.

Labour 64.5%
Conservative 23.8%
Liberal Democrat 10.6%
Others 1.1%

I agree that a vote is valuable but you wouldn't think an election was taking part in my area, i have had 1 leaflet from each of the main parties and that's it. I am so frustrated.

Having mulled it over today i will vote Lib/Dem tomorrow. I'm not sure what this will do to the overall result where i live. I know Labour will get iin but i want a) a reduced majority and b) Lib/Dem to have a go at being the opposition to see what impact this has on the politics of the UK for the next session.

As for how to change the system FSOBR easy, get rich (choose your method) buy a daily newspaper and influence the office of the day or at least become one of the media classes who can ask the questions and "try" to have influence.

written 4th May 2005

FSOBR replies: Bizarrely enough the Lib Dems said they will change the voting system if they got in - problem with the Lib Dems is that even if there was a vote on it they probably would forget to turn up - shades of the Anti Terror Laws I think..

written 4th May 2005

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