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They're not voting because...

No one is interested in single male ...

No one is interested in single male voters in their 30's with no kids.

Well thats not quite true - We are a very important source of tax revenue so that the government can pay tax credits for the 'breeders' and their kids.

written 3rd May 2005


simon replies: several of my single friends (male & female) with no kids feel pissed off by this rhetorical obsession with 'hard-working families' and 'oh the chikldren!'. Some of us don't have kids and also don't believe in this idiotic work ethic rubbish, designed to keep us in factories producing crap for the masses and feeding the filthy-rich.

written 3rd May 2005

the only sane guy in the village replies: So true -
'hard-working families' when I see them on the tv they are usually chavs / semi-chavs in crap jobs with no prospects and an army of kids.

None of the parties has convinced me or my girlfriend ... late 20's, decent jobs, no kids.
Why can't they do something that helps the people who actually want to get on in life???

The welfare state should be dramatically cut.
Let's face it most of those claiming are fiddling the system or are capable of working.... And NO I'M NOT bigotted it's the truth staring everyone in the face.

I think after 2 kids you shouldn't receive any more state benefit for the 3rd ... that might stop those breeding machines sitting watching Trisha all day.

written 4th May 2005

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