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There isn't a "none of the above" category on the ballot paper. Also, I won't vote because it is not a secret ballot, contrary to public belief.
I don't trust anyone who would want to be a politician, because I believe they are in it for themselves and their party.
Politicians have been proved to be lying hypocrites so many times in my lifetime.
They are so cushioned from reality that they don't understand the wishes, needs and problems of the rest of us.
Statesmanship has completely disappeared.There is no honour, or sense of shame, regret or duty.
When it comes to political expediency, life is cheap in the eyes of a politician.
Whatever the colour of the government, nothing changes.
How the hell can we call ourselves a democracy when two elements of the constitution (the Lords and the monarchy) are not elected?

written 3rd May 2005


bill replies: I had a lot of sympathy with the comments in 'none of the above', except the remark that its not a secret ballot. That comment is not correct and probably refers to the fact that a note of ther elector's number is made on the counterfoil of the ballot paper. This does not effect the secrecy of the ballot. the ballot papers placed in the ballot box are counted and are then sealed in secure containers. The ballot paper counterfoils are sealed in separate containers at the polling station which may not be opened at the count. Both containers and are stored separately under Home Office control. They are kept for a short period, in case there is a claim of cheating at the election, but even then, may only be brought together and opened on the orders of a High Court Judge under controlled conditions. We certainly don't have a perfect democracy, or even a fair democracy, since we end up with minority governments that act with dictatorial power, but secrecy of the ballot is not an issue.

written 3rd May 2005

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