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I do not believe in democracy, or at least the sort of democracy we're stuck with at present. At the moment, given environmental exigencies, it doesnt look like were going to make it beyond the next century as a species. Further, we may well go with an unpleasant bang rather than with a whimper as environmental crises precipitate geopolitical flashpoints over resources. But we are not sufficiently enfranchised to attempt to avert this rather gloomy prospect via the ballot box. And in any case, we are predisposed to vote against our common interests.

We will be loath to admit it, but most of us suffer from the illusion of choice. Even though the acknowledgement of impending global catastrophe has passed into mainstream political discourse, no major party offers credible or feasible solutions to avert it.

But warnings of environmental catastrophe or sociological critiques of criminal justice do not sell newspapers or win TV ratings, while we lap up the fear of the paedophiliac stranger, or even less relevantly, Jordan (not in the Middle East). When fuel price protests are the pinnacle of political dissent, you know were in deep shit.

Rant over.

written 3rd May 2005


Michael M. replies: To revive and perfect democracy may be our only chance to avert catastrophe, whether caused by pollution or war. Regarding devastation of the life-supporting environment, solutions must urgently be found for those regions where massive future industrialisation and consumption have yet to occur, such as China and India.

With the prevalent system of "giving away" your vote and mandate to a party many people have learned that they cannot express themselves politically. Party strategists appear to think not far beyond the next election so that complex and medium-term problems are approached at best with half-measures.

With effective democratic tools we can set the course of policy, make constitution, change law, veto government bills.

More detail is at
How democracy works in other countries

written 3rd May 2005

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